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.: Motorcycle Seat Upholstery

MK Upholstery can reupholster and restore your motorbike seats to their former glory. We specialise in customising your motorcycle seats to your desire. With many choices of leathers, vinyl's, texture and finishes your motorbike seat will take on a whole new appearance & style. We can even modify your motorcycle seat covers to suit your requirements.

Don’t struggle trying to fit your after market motorbike seat covers from third parties bring them to us. MK Upholstery will fit and upholster your motorcycle seat covers professionally and correctly in a quarter of the time.

We are passionate about motorcycle seat upholstery, we are riders and understand the passion that comes with owning and riding a motorcycle and how a seat can make or break a great days riding.

.:Caravan Upholstery & Motor Home Upholstery

MK Upholstery can renew and upholster your caravan seat cushions back to original condition. With many years experience in Caravan/Motor Home Upholstery we can offer advice on the best foam and fabrics to suit your needs.

Caravan Seating needs to be correct as many caravan cushions double as beds and vise versa, correct seat foam density is paramount to provide you with the best possible comfort in a confined space in both sitting and slumber.

Your Caravan & Motor Home Interior does not need to be a place where you just sleep and eat, MK Upholstery can customise to your requirements to achieve both comfort and style at an affordable cost to you.

.: How much will it cost?

There’s a lot of factors that effect this answer, and we all have budgets to work to these days, we cannot tell you with a phone call it is impossible to give you an accurate estimate.

Please use our “Info Email” option.  Please attach 2 or 3 photos of your furniture with your *Name, *Suburb, &                                                   *Details or any issues you have with your furniture.

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